Certification by the Swiss Biobanking Platform – OPTIMA-Label

Davos BioSciences AG achieved the official OPTIMA label of the Swiss Biobanking Platform for its biobank infrastructure as of 30.05.2022. This is another important step for Davos BioSciences AG and CK-CARE. The label attests to the full implementation of a QM system. The OPTIMA-Label confirms: “Compliance with the Good Biobanking Practices; in particular OECD Best practice guidelines for biological resource centres (2007), ISBER Best practices (2018) and IARC Common minimum technical standards (2017). It follows established standards, including the ISO 20387:2018 – general requirements for biobanking. This certification approach is part of our long-term strategy to provide high-quality samples to the research community”.

Atopic dermatitis: an expanding therapeutic pipeline for a complex disease

Our founder, Prof. Thomas Bieber, published an important contribution in the treatment of AD:

Atopic dermatitis (AD) is a common chronic inflammatory skin disease with a complex pathophysiology that underlies a wide spectrum of clinical phenotypes. AD remains challenging to treat owing to the limited response to available therapies. However, recent advances in understanding of disease mechanisms have led to the discovery of novel potential therapeutic targets and drug candidates. In addition to regulatory approval for the IL-4Ra inhibitor dupilumab, the anti-IL-13 inhibitor tralokinumab and the JAK1/2 inhibitor baricitinib in Europe, there are now more than 70 new compounds in development. This Review assesses the various strategies and novel agents currently being investigated for AD and highlights the potential for a precision medicine approach to enable prevention and more effective long-term control of this complex disease.


DavosBiosciences certified by Swiss Biobanking Plattform

DBS achieved a milestone by getting the NORMA label of Swiss Biobanking Plattform for its infrastructure. The NORMA label confirms:

“Compliance with professional standards (e.g. ISO 20387:2018) is essential to perform our daily biobanking activities according to Good Biobanking Practices. After having successfully achieved the Vita label, our Biobank Infrastructure was recently awarded with the next step Norma label which demonstrates compliance with the Swiss Biobanking Platform (SBP) requirements for standardization of biobanking processes. This labellisation approach is part of our long-term strategy to provide high-quality samples to the research community

DBS signed first contract

DBS signed a first contract with a key player in dermatology treatments. DBS will measure biological parameters in samples from patients with atopic dermatitis and contribute novel insights in the pathogenesis and the treatment of the disease.