1.  Steadily growing reference patient registry (the CK-CARE data base) covering almost all relevant aspects of the epidemiologic and phenotypic complexity of atopic diseases and associated comorbidities as well as health controls. The registry collects “regulatory grade” real world data.
  2. Strong expertise in operating a specialized biorepository for dermatology and allergy.
  3. A state-of-the-art technology platform for the storage and analysis of the biomaterial from clinical trials and development programs for diagnostic tests.
  4. A unique and steadily growing reference biorepository (the CK-CARE Biobank) collecting and storing annotated biomaterial samples (linked to the CK-CARE registry) from a large spectrum of representative patients with atopic dermatitis and associated comorbidities as well as healthy controls
  5. A world-renowned team of experts in biomedical research in the field of atopic diseases and allergic conditions

What is our value proposition?

In a world of agile drug development, optimization of the preclinical and clinical programs will save costs and time in drug development programs. You have a unique drug or biomarker development program and need answers to specific questions? We provide customized and unique solutions based on long lasting strong scientific and clinical background and experience. With our help, you can reduce drug development time, reach lower rates of failures in P2 and P3 trials, facilitate go/no-go decisions, develop companion diagnostic programs. We can also provide services and help for post licensing evidence generation (PLEG). You need a deep dive into real-world data for your clinical development plan or for market access/HTA issues? Our registry provides sufficient information with high granularity for such purposes.